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Top five 2013 celebrity mummies-to-be: Kate Middleton, Fearne Cotton, Kim Kardashian and more

2013 is still young, but we're already excited about what the celebrity mummy world has in store for us this year, with a range of stars due to give birth in the upcoming months.

Towards the end of last year, we were delighted to hear that Kate Middleton was pregnant, while Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson both announced they too were expecting little bundles in 2013.

And let's not forget other yummy mummies such as Lara Stone, Sophie Dahl and of course Fearne Cotton who are all rocking maternity fashion due to their expanding bellies.

To celebrate the new year, we've put together a list of our top five yummy mummies to-be for 2013. We can't wait to see what they'll be wearing in the upcoming months.

Fearne is now in her last stages of pregnancy and has given us some great maternity fashion looks. We love this dressing gown photo, which shows that even pregnant celebs need some downtime too. Click here to get a similar look.
Towards the end of the year St James Palace announced that Kate Middleton was expecting her first child with Prince William, we're so happy for the couple, and we have a feeling the announcement will change maternity fashion as we know it. We can't wait. Check out some Kate Middleton inspired evening maternity dresses here.

Sophie and James confirmed they are expecting baby two, after Sophie was spotted out late last year revealing her growing bump.

Lara Stone and hubby David Walliams announced they were expecting their first child in the middle of 2013. See here for what we expect Lara to be channelling as her bump grows.

Kanye West announced the news on stage during a concert in Atlantic City when Kim Kardashian was in the audience watching. The papa-to-be said: 'stop the music. Make noise for my baby mama right here.'  We know Kim will make a great style icon for curvy pregnant women everywhere. In the meantime see our guide on how to dress your maternity curves.

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Photo Earn $300.000

The reality star, Kim Kardashian finally pregnant with her lover, Kanye West. Kim's Pregnancy alone is estimated about 3 months old, but her future baby's not even born apparently been able to monetize hundred thousand of dollars.
Kim Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, reportedly will sell Kim Kardashian’s baby bump photo to magazines to be used as cover. In fact, Kris Jenner even auctioning off the photo and will give the buyer who offers the highest price.
Kim Kardashian Pregnant Photo
Then how about the kim’s photo price? Unmitigated, the source seems to be very sure that Kim kardashian's baby bump photo will be appreciated nearly hundred thousand dollars.
"The picture is likely to sell $ 300,000," said a source. "And the picture only showed Kim kardashian without her boyfriend, Kanye west because he always looks sad”.
Kim kardashian pregnant was was first announced by Kanye  West at a concert on 30 December. Shortly thereafter, Kim herself confirmed via Twitter that she is pregnant and very happily looking forward to her first child.
In the midst of happiness which surrounding Kim’s family, one of the Kim’s sisters, Rob Kardashian, even insinuated by saying that she did not want to have a baby before marriage.
"I'm very proud of my sister (Kim), but I prefer to get married before having a child," she said.

Janet Jackson: Paris Jackson Boycotts Her Wedding

Paris Jackon Boycotts Janet Jackson's Wedding
The daughter of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson is trying to prevent the union between Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana.

Janet Jackson attends the billionaire Wissam Al Mana since 2009. The two were engaged last year and apparently want to get married in the spring.
According to magazine "Star", the daughter of Michael Jackson, 14, and Janet Jackson have not spoken since last July. "Janet and Paris have not reconciled since their dispute the last summer and now, Paris said she would boycott the wedding,” says a source at U.S. tabloid.
The Jackson family has gone through several conflicts last summer: Michael's mother, Katherine, has lost custody of three grandchildren Paris, Prince and Blanket after being gone for nine days. The three sister and brothers of the star, Janet, Rebbie and Randy, have also closed the relationship with their mother after an attempt to dismiss the executors of Michael Jackson.
Janet Jackson has been married twice, first in 1985 with James DeBarge, the second with producer René Elizondo in 1991. They divorced in 2000.

Katie Holmes: Sexy Celebrity Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Katie Holmes Stuns in Bobbi Brown Beauty Ad Debuts

Katie Holmes in Bobbi Brown Beauty Ad Debuts

Divorced for six months with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes again seems ready to take her destiny in hand. After her debut at the New York fashion week in September 2012 - although critics would have a mixed reception, or even her great return to Broadway "Dead Accounts" has indeed stopped prematurely, but that does not mean that actress would be unemployed - Katie overcomes obstacles solo ... but happy. In September, we learned that indeed The ex of Tom Cruise was chosen to become the face of beauty brand Bobbi Brown cosmetic. And good news, The first campaign for the label starts in mid-February.
Holmes advertises eight beauty products: a foundation, powder, bronzing effect, a pink blush, eye shadow gray gel, eyeliner brown, a black mascara and lip gloss pink, which should be available as early as this month. Transformed into a femme fatale for the campaign, Katie Holmes wearing a black strapless dress and a thick necklace that mixes beads and metal. An accessory and a chic outfit but also a rather nice stunt since these parts are from the own fashion brand of the actress, Holmes & Yang. According to media reports the amounts estimated value of collaboration between actress and mark up to three million dollars.
This is not the first collaboration between Bobbi Brown and Holmes & Yang. At the New York Fashion Week last September is Bobbi Brown has just done the makeup of spring-summer 2013 ready-to-wear to the actress. This is not the first time that the ex-wife of Tom Cruise is chosen to play the muses. She has collaborated in the past with the brand Miu Miu and John Frieda.
According to the "Daily Mail", Katie Holmes, who was by the star make-up artist of Bobbi Brown personally involved as the first VIP-face of the brand, also be involved in a cosmetics collection that will be in the autumn of this year on the market. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offers makeup, skin care products, perfume and accessories in 60 countries and also part of the cosmetics company Estee Lauder.

Fashion designer, beauty ambassador, Katie Holmes does not mean forgetting the cinema. She will soon appear in a film by Christian Camargo alongside Jean Reno and William Hurt . Production which currently has no official title. Katie Holmes will also reply to Chace Crawford in Responsible Adults . In February, the pretty brunette also present the new collection of brand fashion for autumn-winter 2013-2014.

Tom Cruise New Girlfriend in 2013: Cynthia Jorge?

Has Tom Cruise found a new girlfriend?

According to the magazine "In Touch", Tom Cruise recently come out with the head of a New York restaurant, Cynthia Jorge, and would be completely under her spell.
Six months after his divorce with Katie Holmes, would Tom Cruise ever found new girlfriend? ‘In Touch’ reported that the 50 years old actor who currently on show at the thriller ‘Jack Reacher’ have been fallen for a beautiful manager of New York restaurant. Their first meeting took place on December 18. That evening, the actor who dined at Beauty & Essex, would literally melt at the beauty and charisma of Cynthia Jorge, 26, manager in a restaurant in Lower East Side of Manhattan. A friend of the actor told the magazine: "He was bewitched by Cynthia. Her hair was put together in a bun, wearing black pants and was splendid,”
Cynthia Jorge had slipped her card to Tom Cruise before he left the restaurant and daring would have paid, since the actor would have reminded the young woman twice the next day and would have left a message after being "put on hold for a long time"

Tom Cruise ‘Dirty Dance’ With New Girlfriend, Cynthia Jorge!

Tom Cruise and her new girlfriend, Cynthia Jorge then spent a crazy nightclub at Le Baron Nightclub in NYC in the same week. According to information from the magazine, where the actor dragged his rider on the track. "They danced salsa. She in his arms and took turns on the dance floor. Tom danced like a pro. At one point, they started to dip and grind on each other, as if they were straight out of 'Dirty Dancing “, said the source who confirmed that they were "totally crazy about each other”. After a wild night ended, the star, which is currently a hit at the box office with his new film "Jack Reacher”, did accompany her new girlfriend to her home by private car. 

Could Cynthia Jorge replace Katie Holmes to Become Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend?

If for some reason, Cynthia Jorge could replace Katie Holmes in the heart of Tom Cruise, for others, both are not there yet. Without denying the fact that they spend time together, a relative of the restorer told the magazine “People": “Cynthia told me they were out drinking glasses and that it was nothing more than a relaxed evening. She told me that Tom Cruise was a nice man. 
In the meantime, rumors about Tom Cruise’s affair with Sister of Malin Akerman, Jennifer Akerman. They were seen together in Stockholm, at the premiere of his new film "Jack Reacher." Tom Cruise was, however, denied any relationship with her. But he didn’t denied for this one , we can say that he indeed in a relationship with Cynthia Jorge. Do you think it's a good idea for Tom Cruise to pursue a woman outside of the industry? Would she become Tom Cruise new girlfriend?

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Not Quite Subtitles - But Much Better

 I was surfing YouTube (as you do!) and came across a film with loads of my captions. Wow! - I thought. If you want to have nearly fifteen minutes of mine and other people's captions go to You Tube - Chastity Tease Captions (BDSM funny games).

Unless you're a speed-reader, you'll have to pause a lot to read all the captions. Thank you Los80forever for compiling it all, for us.

Taking That First Scary, Unsure Step

It's always exciting and scary at the beginning. I think I keep coming back to this part of the game, because S&M is making the scary erotic. It's a fundamental part of the human condition where ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night, have been part of many cultures for as long as recorded history itself. Here's some exciting discoveries.

Careful Wishing

When we are at the height of arousal, do we make wise decisions? I hope not. So, when we ask a keyholder to be strict, mean and bitchy, there's always the safe-word, right? I mean, it's only not having orgasms. How hard can that be? These keyholders are looking forward to finding out. 

Still Living The Resolution

I'm just curious about how many of you have welched on your New Year's Resolutions already, just a week in? Who's been a naughty boy then? Pick your punishment fantasy from the following.