Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tom Cruise New Girlfriend in 2013: Cynthia Jorge?

Has Tom Cruise found a new girlfriend?

According to the magazine "In Touch", Tom Cruise recently come out with the head of a New York restaurant, Cynthia Jorge, and would be completely under her spell.
Six months after his divorce with Katie Holmes, would Tom Cruise ever found new girlfriend? ‘In Touch’ reported that the 50 years old actor who currently on show at the thriller ‘Jack Reacher’ have been fallen for a beautiful manager of New York restaurant. Their first meeting took place on December 18. That evening, the actor who dined at Beauty & Essex, would literally melt at the beauty and charisma of Cynthia Jorge, 26, manager in a restaurant in Lower East Side of Manhattan. A friend of the actor told the magazine: "He was bewitched by Cynthia. Her hair was put together in a bun, wearing black pants and was splendid,”
Cynthia Jorge had slipped her card to Tom Cruise before he left the restaurant and daring would have paid, since the actor would have reminded the young woman twice the next day and would have left a message after being "put on hold for a long time"

Tom Cruise ‘Dirty Dance’ With New Girlfriend, Cynthia Jorge!

Tom Cruise and her new girlfriend, Cynthia Jorge then spent a crazy nightclub at Le Baron Nightclub in NYC in the same week. According to information from the magazine, where the actor dragged his rider on the track. "They danced salsa. She in his arms and took turns on the dance floor. Tom danced like a pro. At one point, they started to dip and grind on each other, as if they were straight out of 'Dirty Dancing “, said the source who confirmed that they were "totally crazy about each other”. After a wild night ended, the star, which is currently a hit at the box office with his new film "Jack Reacher”, did accompany her new girlfriend to her home by private car. 

Could Cynthia Jorge replace Katie Holmes to Become Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend?

If for some reason, Cynthia Jorge could replace Katie Holmes in the heart of Tom Cruise, for others, both are not there yet. Without denying the fact that they spend time together, a relative of the restorer told the magazine “People": “Cynthia told me they were out drinking glasses and that it was nothing more than a relaxed evening. She told me that Tom Cruise was a nice man. 
In the meantime, rumors about Tom Cruise’s affair with Sister of Malin Akerman, Jennifer Akerman. They were seen together in Stockholm, at the premiere of his new film "Jack Reacher." Tom Cruise was, however, denied any relationship with her. But he didn’t denied for this one , we can say that he indeed in a relationship with Cynthia Jorge. Do you think it's a good idea for Tom Cruise to pursue a woman outside of the industry? Would she become Tom Cruise new girlfriend?

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